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Transgender Females In Womens Sports - Free Essay Example

Since ancient times, sport competitions have been used to showcase men, their masculinity, strength, and physique. According to Doriane Lambelet Colemans article Sex in Sport, men used to compete in various competitions naked to show off their bodies to, . . .pay homage to Zeus by showing him how they had trained their bodies to their physical peak. Not only did they want to pay homage to Zeus and show their skill, men also wanted to prove that they had, but Coleman says that . . . balance between body and mind (85) were critical. Women were excluded from these prestigious activities because they were considered to be unimportant and the lesser sex. Today, women are very much a part of competitive sports. Yes, times have changed slowly, but the discrimination of women participating in sports has changed significantly. Sports now work to support and uplift women. To do this, however, sport organizations have separated male and female athletes by creating a womens only category. The reason for this is so women can confidently showcase their own abilities without having to compete against the advantage that men have over them. Men are biologically stronger than women because they produce more testosterone, an androgen that promotes muscle growth, strength, endurance, and power. A study was done in 2004 to show the differences in muscle function in males versus females. The authors concluded that there are significant contrasts between male and female skeletal muscles in how fast they contract, their fiber content, and energy metabolism most likely due to the effects of testosterone versus estrogen in their makeup; male muscles work faster and can bring forth more power than the muscles of females (Glenmark, et al., 1125, 1127). In an article titled, The Transgender Athlete, Pablo S. Torre and David Epstein state that the Y chromosome introduced to the developing fetus after six weeks immediately causes the development of testicles, which begin producing large amounts of testosterone, the sex hormone responsible for the performance gap between male and female athletes. Testosterone gives men the competitive advantage of, . . .[more] height and weight, higher bone density, larger muscle mass, and a [larger amount of red blood cells, which can carry more oxy gen], a definite advantage when a body is exerting itself (5). Therefore, if athletically trained women were to compete with athletically trained men, they would continuously lose and not get the true recognition they deserve. Thus, the need for a womens only category. In sports today, the womens only category is being challenged by the new way society is embracing the idea of gender identity instead of biological sex classifications. This idea revolves around whether a persons gender is determined by how they feel and what they believe it is rather than the sex they were assigned at birth due to biology. A result of moving toward gender identity classification is that in the wider variety of gender categories, LGBTQ+, intersex and transgender females are participating in the womens only category of sports competition, which begs the question of whether they should be allowed to participate because of the known advantage that testosterone provides. This is the controversy and debate that is in the forefront of competitive sports today. Should they be able to participate? Should they not be able to participate? There are two sides to this argument and although in this present day, transgender females and intersex persons are allowed to parti cipate in women only categories in the Olympics, it is not a settled argument with clear cut answers. In 2009, the controversy of sex versus gender became front and center when a South African runner named Caster Semenya won the 800-meter race in the World Championships in Berlin. Because of her deep voice and muscular body, speculation began as to whether she was really a female. The International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) had Semenya undergo supervised sex testing to verify her biological sex; her result was that she has an intersex condition, which causes her body to produce as much as three times the amount of testosterone as an average female (Buzuvis, 55, 56). Intersex conditions are present in persons that have a DSD or disorder of sex development. Through no fault of their own, they simply can have the biological sex hormones and traits of both sexes; they are neither fully male, nor fully female (Coleman, 78). Should Semenya be able to compete as a woman? With the push for change in sex classification from biology to gender identity, Semenya can compete as a woman because that is what she identifies as. This would also hold true for transgender athletes, especially male to female. Torre and Epstein ask, What happens to the athletes whose physiology doesnt match their gender identity? Against whom do they compete (1)? If they feel that they are female, then they should be able to participate in all female activities and visa versa for females who identify as males. Gender, to them, is a state of mind, and not just a physical attribute. The main argument that many sports organizations bring up is the fact that transgender females and intersex persons have higher testosterone levels than biological women. Due to this fact, transgender females and intersex persons can have an advantage over biological females; Coleman firmly states that, There is no scientific doubt that testosterone is the reason that men as a group perform better than women in sports (75). When a biological male has reached his developmental peak through puberty, he has gained the total benefits of testosterone. This leads to the conclusion that when a male wishes to transition to become a female, the advantage that they might have will be difficult to reverse because in the article, Transsexual and Transgender Policies in Sport Heather Sykes points out that males, ?have been under the influence of hormones under their former gender during their puberty (7). There has not been any scientific data published to confirm how long it takes for the advantages of testosterone exposure to dissipate (Torre, 6). To keep transgender women and intersex persons from competing with an advantage, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have created policies that require certain criteria. The LPGA had a rule that players had to be female at birth since the early 1990s. If a persons identity did not match their sex documentation, they were deemed ineligible to compete. Lana Lawless, a male to female transgender, had won the 2008 Womens Long Drive Tournament put on by the Long Drive Association (LDA) but was denied the right to play in the 2009 tournament because the LDA had adopted the policy of the LPGA. Lawless was disqualified for not fitting into the category of being female at birth (Robson, 1, 3). The NCAA followed the LPGAs rule similarly . However, it was not until the IOC changed their policy, that both the LPGA and NCAA changed their policies to what the IOC required. The IOC has changed their policy from not letting, specifically, female transgenders compete, to allowing them to compete only if they undergo sex reassignment surgery, or complete two years of hormonal suppression therapy as well as change their sex identification on legal documents (Buzuvis, 64). What course took place to create this rule that the IOC has implemented? Several legislative acts and policy implementations paved the road. The first legislative act affecting the IOCs policy was Title IX. Title IX is a part of the Education Amendments Act of 1972. According to the NCAAs, Title IX Frequently Asked Questions, this amendment applies to, . . . educational institutions, both public and private, that receive federal funds ( Jackson, 1). Title IX applies to sport, specifically in the educational systems of high school and college because sport is considered to be a part of educational programs. Therefore, sport cannot discriminate against a person based on their sex identification, and sport must give equal opportunity to all athletic persons. It also broadened its policies to identify harassment based on gender characteristics to be in the same category as sex discrimination (Sykes, 5). Title IX has given transgender and intersex athletes more opportunities in high scho ol and college sports. Another legislative action that the IOC drew from to try and rectify the issue of transgender and intersex athletes, is the Gender Recognition Act. The Gender Recognition Act was passed in the United Kingdom. This Act stated that, according to Sykes, . . . transsexual people may be restricted or prohibited in competing in ?gender affected sports where ?the physical strength, stamina, or physique of average persons of one gender would put them at a disadvantage to average persons of the other gender (7). The Gender Recognition Act was not well received because it did not allow transgender and intersex athletes to compete with their same gender. A final example of legislative action or policy that the IOC drew from is policy implemented by the Gay Games. Unlike other organizations, the Gay Games has had difficulties creating a policy that is inclusive to all genders. Their policy had similar requirements to the current IOC policy in that athletes were required to show proof of reassignment surgery, or undergo hormonal therapy. However, this was poorly received by athletes of the Gay Games, so they changed their policy to require athletes to show documentation of their legal sex change or that they were in the process of doing hormonal therapy. This policy is what influenced the IOCs most recent policy for transgender and intersex athletes. The argument from the LGBTQ+ community to solve all of these issues is to simply get rid of biological sex classification and rules and regulations and, replace the word and idea of ?sex with the word and idea of ?gender , says Coleman (63). Gender identity is defined by Coleman as, an individuals internal sense of gender, which may be male, female, neither, or a combination of both male and female, and which may be different from an individuals sex assigned at birth (64). Advocates for identity over sex believe this will ensure that all people are included in whatever gender, career, relationship, sport, or way of life they choose. Transgender females want to compete in sports with their own gender because it is their chosen identity; they feel that not allowing them is to not validate who they are and is discrimination. Transgender women and their advocates know that their choice to fight against discriminatory policies that separate them from the sex that they identify wit h goes against traditional societys belief; their personhood is that of a woman despite their biological makeup. The entire point is to replace sex with identity so that classifying by just physical attributes will end (Coleman, 105, 106). The second argument made for allowing intersex and transgender females to compete in women only sport categories is that the performance gap between biological females and intersex and transgender females would be smaller than the ten to twelve percent gap between biological males and females. It is also claimed that the populations of intersex persons and transgender males and females are not as huge as the populations of biological males and females, and therefore, would not have a significant impact in the arena of elite sports competitions (Coleman, 106). Of course, those that advocate for keeping a womens only category for biological women, see the performance gap as still a performance gap even if it is as low as two percent (Coleman, 109). Even a transgender female having gone through hormone suppression therapy or sex reassignment surgery and getting her testosterone levels down to the lowest male standard, still has more than that of a biological female; you cannot eliminate all of the advantages that come with a male body producing testosterone (Coleman, 105). In regard to the size of the transgender and intersex populations, it is known that they are small in size in comparison to biologically female and male populations, but due to the changing climate of acceptance and empowerment for these groups, one could see their populations growing and increasing in participation in sports. If intersex and transgender persons could participate in whichever sport category they wanted without any conditions or controversy, bias, or prejud ice, they may become the focus of the scouts and actively recruited for their prowess; Thus, the reported 3 to 8 incidence of males with very rare DSDs in the womens 800 meters final at the Rio Olympics was not a coincidence, nor was the fact that these athletes took all three spots on the podium (Coleman, 107). Although, advocates for transgender and intersex athletes believe that the performance gap is not big enough, why is it that male transgenders (female to male) do not have as big of a problem as female transgenders playing sports? When a female transgender or intersex person wishes to compete with women, they are immediately met with obstacles. However, when male transgenders want to compete with their gender, they are allowed. The reason for this is because of the greater performance gap between biological men and transgender males. A female that has transitioned to being a male will never have levels of testosterone equal to a biological man. This is why transgender males choose to still compete in womens categories, and if they do, no one complains because male biology versus female is not an issue here. This discrepancy clearly shows that testosterone versus estrogen is a big deal. Changing sex classification from biology to gender identity may bring about benefits for the identity movement, but it may wipe away a hundred years of anti-discrimination progress for biological females in competitive sports. The women only category was put into place to lift women up and give them a chance to be featured in an elite status, gain the chance to shine, have equal opportunities, and become role models for younger girls aspiring to do something great. That may all be changing with the push to exclude biology in gender classification allowing anyone to participate in the gender sport of choice pushing biological females back to fighting against the odds of advantage for a piece of the pie. Whether you agree that biological classification should be replaced with gender identity, or not, leaving the women only category in competitive sports untouched seems to be a reasonable compromise. This debate doesnt seem to have a clear answer so, competitive female sports will conti nue to see more intersex and transgender persons step forward to participate, and the debate will go on, and must go on until an equitable solution can be found for all.

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Is There Such a Thing as a Planet Sound

Can a planet make a sound? Its an interesting question that gives us insight into the nature of sound waves. In a sense, planets do emit radiation which can be used to make sounds we can hear. How does that work? The Physics of Sound Waves Everything in the universe gives off radiation that — if our ears or eyes were sensitive to it — we could hear or see. The spectrum of light that we actually perceive is very small, compared to the very large spectrum of available light, ranging from gamma-rays to radio waves. Signals that can be converted to sound make up only one part of that spectrum. The way people and animals hear sound is that sound waves travel through the air and eventually reach the ear. Inside, they bounce against the eardrum, which begins to vibrate. Those vibrations pass through small bones in the ear and cause small hairs to vibrate. The hairs act like tiny antennae and convert the vibrations into electrical signals that race to the brain through the nerves. The brain then interprets that as sound and what the timbre and pitch of the sound are. What About Sound in Space? Everyone has heard the line used to advertise the 1979 movie Alien, In space, no one can hear you scream. Its actually quite true as it relates to sound in space. For any sounds to be heard while someone is in space, there have to be molecules to vibrate. On our planet, air molecules vibrate and transmit sound to our ears. In space, there are few if any molecules to deliver sound waves to the ears of people in space. (Plus, if someone is in space, theyre likely to be wearing a helmet and a spacesuit and still wouldnt hear anything outside because theres no air to transmit it.) That doesnt mean there arent vibrations moving through space, only that there are no molecules to pick them up. However, those emissions can be used to create false sounds (that is, not the real sound a planet or other object might make). How does that work? As one example, people have captured emissions given off when charged particles from the Sun encounter our planets magnetic field. The signals are at really high frequencies that our ears cant perceive. But, the signals can be slowed down enough to allow us to hear them. They sound eerie and weird, but those whistlers and cracks and pops and hums are just some of the many songs of Earth. Or, to be more specific, from Earths magnetic field.   In the 1990s, NASA explored the idea that emissions from other planets could be captured and processed so people could hear them. The resulting music is a collection of eerie, spooky sounds. There is a good sampling of them on NASAs Youtube site.  These are literally artificial depictions of real events. Its very similar to making a recording of a cat meowing, for example, and slowing it down to hear all the variations in the cats voice. Are We Really Hearing a Planet Sound? Not exactly. The planets dont sing pretty music when spaceships fly by. But, they do give off all those emissions that Voyager, New Horizons, Cassini, Galileo, and other probes can sample, gather, and transmit back to Earth. The music gets created as the scientists process the data to make it so that we can hear it.   However, each planet does have its own unique song. Thats because each one has different frequencies that are emitted (due to different amounts of charged particles flying around and because of the various magnetic field strengths in our solar system). Every planet sound will be different, and so will the space around it.   Astronomers have also converted data from spacecraft crossing the boundary of the solar system (called the heliopause) and turned that into sound as well. Its not associated with any planet  but does show that signals can come from many places in space. Turning them into songs we can hear is a way of experiencing the universe with more than one sense.   It All Began With Voyager The creation of planetary sound started when the Voyager 2 spacecraft swept past Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus from 1979 to 1989.  The probe picked up electromagnetic disturbances and charged particle fluxes, not actual sound. Charged particles (either bouncing off the planets from the Sun  or produced by the planets themselves) travel in the space, usually kept in check by the planets magnetospheres. Also, radio waves (again either reflected waves  or produced by processes on the planets themselves) get trapped by the immense strength of a planets magnetic field. The electromagnetic waves and charged particles were measured by the probe and the data from those measurements were then sent back to Earth for analysis. One interesting example was the so-called Saturn kilometric radiation.  Its a low-frequency radio emission, so its actually lower than we can hear. It is produced as electrons move along magnetic field lines, and theyre somehow related to auroral activity at the poles. At the time of the Voyager 2 flyby of Saturn, the scientists working with the planetary radio astronomy instrument detected this radiation, speeded it up and made a song that people could hear.   How Do Data Collections Become Sound? In these days, when most people understand that data is simply a collection of ones and zeroes, the idea of turning data into music isnt such a wild idea. After all, the music we listen to on streaming services or our iPhones or personal players is all simply encoded data. Our music players reassemble the data back into sound waves that we can hear.   In the Voyager 2 data, none of the measurements themselves were of actual sound waves. However, many of the electromagnetic wave and particle oscillation frequencies could be translated into sound in the same way that our personal music players take data and turn it into sound.  All NASA had to do was to take the data accumulated by the  Ã¢â‚¬â€¹Voyager probe and convert it into sound waves. Thats where the songs of distant planets originate; as data from a spacecraft.

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Basic Forms Of Business Organization - 1356 Words

Three basic forms of business organization are sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business organization in which there is only one owner (Cheeseman, 2015, p. 570). Single person is responsible for all debts, liabilities, and obligations, as well as unlimited liability for business operations. If the owner is unsuccessful and acquires debt, creditors can pursue legal action and acquire access to personal bank accounts, real estate, and other assets by the court order to repay person’s debt obligations. Owners of sole proprietorships cannot raise capital by selling shares that represent stakeholder interest in the business. The owner reports all income and expenses in personal tax return. The business terminates upon withdrawal or an owner’s death. The owner can sell the business and by doing so, will lose the ownership. Advantages of sole proprietorship include freedom of decisions, tax breaks, ease to start, ow nership of all profits, being taxed once as a personal income of the owner, and lack of government compliance. Disadvantages of sole proprietorship include unlimited liability, very limited sources of production, and difficulty to raise capital. According to Cheeseman (2015), general partnership is an association of two or more persons to carry on as co-owners of a business for profit (p. 572). The rights and duties of partners are established in the partnership agreement and by law such as UniformShow MoreRelatedVarious Forms of Organizations Essay1501 Words   |  7 PagesYOU DECIDE PAPER 2 Part I:   Discuss the various forms of organization that are available to Penelope, Mark and John The various forms of organization available to Penelope, Mark and John are: GENERAL PARTNERSHIPS: A general partnership is a business organization formed when 2 or more individuals or entities form a business for profit. All partners share in the management and in the profits and decide on matters of ordinary business operations by majority of the partners or by percentage ownershipRead MoreThe Current Scenario of Setting Up a Business1375 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The Current Scenario The government of the state has allocated the funds for setting up the small business to promote the local investments and for the promotion of domestic products. The theme of the funds allocation is also to eradicate the overspills of globalization that are inhibiting the private investors to invest in the national economy. This fund allocation by the government will also instill a new sense of entrepreneurial activities at small sale and later on the economyRead MoreCase Study : Employee Skills Development1270 Words   |  6 Pages1. Customer focus Client is the key for any business and so in the modern business world the client eventually decides the level of value and quality for a specific business. Regardless of what an association does to encourage quality integration, preparing workers, incorporating quality into the configuration process, redesigning functions and processes, or purchasing new apparatuses, ultimately it is the client who figures out if the endeavors were advantageous (Evans Lindsay., 2014). 2. EmployeeRead MoreStakeholders, Categories Responsibilities of Organizations1723 Words   |  7 PagesResponsibilities of Organizations 1. Describe the basic features that distinguish the four basic forms of business ownership: sole proprietorships, general partnerships, C corporations, and limited liability companies. Ownership of C corporation is represented by shares of the stock, or shareholders, it is the most common type of the business, where ownership to the shareholders offers a limited liability to all its owners. Limited liability companies are those companies who have the form of the partnershipRead MoreWhy Do Business Exist? Review1304 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Why does business exist? â€Å" is a question that people may easily miss, because business has been so engaged in social life. However, it is still an issue that needs everyone, especially business people to deeply explore. From my point of view, business organizations exist in order to meet the needs of our daily life. Business organizations have been everywhere in our lives. When people need food, they go to supermarkets to choose what they would like to eat. This is the business activity betweenRead MoreFour Basic Financial Statements977 Words   |  4 PagesBasic Financial Statements Accountants, business owners, investors, creditors and employees use four basic financial statements of an organization to determine the financial well-being and future earnings potential of that organization. Financial statements are a key tool in seeing and understanding the past, present and future condition of an organization. What are these financial statements and what do they mean to the reader? Do the financial statements mean something completely different toRead MoreBusiness Management And The Future Business Model1698 Words   |  7 Pagesactivity understand that when using the correct scientific approach to the organization of the production process can be achieved the highest productivity. A number of key issues arise from the statement. For instance, entrepreneurship despite its relatively short period of time has passed a long way of evolution from a rather banal management practices to modern and innovative technologies and methods of business management. Business m anagement can be considered a system of economic analysis of the companyRead MoreBusiness Essay Topic: Forms of Business Organizations930 Words   |  4 PagesBusiness Essay Topic: Forms of Business Organizations It is important that the business owner seriously considers the different forms of business organization — types such as sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation. Which organizational form is most appropriate can be influenced by tax issues, legal issues, financial concerns, and personal concerns. This essay explains the general impression of business organizations. A Sole Proprietorship, also known as the sole trader or simplyRead MoreInterview And Reflection Assignment On Innovation1177 Words   |  5 Pagesworkshops. Indeed, innovation is a demanding undertaking. For the accomplishment of an organization it requires repeatable and thorough arrangement of development. Inventiveness and thoughts are fundamental elements of innovation. The seeds of innovation are given by people, however innovation is a collaboration that transforms thoughts into reality and conveys unmistakable results. (Elliott, 2014) Organizations today confront a brutal final offer: Innovate or fade away. Senior administrators overRead MoreProfessional Communication1467 Words   |  6 PagesContents Page * Introduction 1 * Basic Communication 1 * Classification of Communication 1 * Objectives and purposes of Communications 1 * Scope of Communication in any functional Organization 2 * Different mediums of Communication 2 * Modes of Communication 2 * Barriers to Communication 3 * Principles of Effective Communication 3 * Business Correspondence Letters 3 * Enquiries, Quotations, Complaints

Capturing Integration Complexity BPM and SOA †

Question: Discuss about the Capturing Integration Complexity BPM and SOA. Answer: Introduction In any given day, there is always a significant amount of data generated by the healthcare industry. This data is very important as it determines the decision made by the institutions involved, an outcome that also includes the diagnosis and treatments given to the patients. Moreover, the same data is used in making managerial decisions that aim to improve the services of the institution. Similarly, Headspace, a healthcare organization aims to build a modern information system to capture the data of patients most of who are young people with mental illnesses. Now, the system will mainly store patients stories, data that will determine the treatments given to the patients. Therefore, a large storage facility is needed to support this functionality as the content will continuously increase with time(Pattnaik, 2017). Now, cloud-based solutions are been sort out as a desirable alternative to this requirement as they offer extended IT resources at affordable prices. In essence, the organization will lease the computational infrastructure from a service provider to store and process the data. In the process, the organization will increase its overall service availability and accessibility. In addition to this, the organization will be able to minimize its overall expenditures since most of the resource needed will be acquired based on the immediate demands(Bisong Rahman, 2011). In light of these objectives, this report offers an in-depth analysis of the cloud solutions where the various aspects of the technology are highlighted. The report also discusses the various non-functional requirements of the system including its development process. Non-functional requirements In software development, non-functional requirements represent the systematic elements of building quality systems based on the needs of the users. In essence, the system must reflect some envisioned qualities characteristics such as performance, security, reliability and usability. However, developing these qualities is not as easy as enacting the functional requirements of the systems, because they are not solely based on the technical aspects of the software packages(Chung, Yu, Mylopoulos, 2017). In essence, non-functional requirements are usually determined by the interaction between the end user and the proposed system. Furthermore, their determination is often subjective to certain conditions which intensify their definition. Nevertheless, their presence must be reflected in a system and in most cases must be outlined as soft goals that will depend on the trade-off of various functionalities. A quality system must have increased maintainability and reliability outcomes both during its development time as well as its execution time. Furthermore, as stated above its performance must be consistent based on an adequate usability, where all the requirements of the end users are met while continuously engaging the end user(Ebert, 2011). Therefore, the system qualities will represent the general characteristics that will determine the run-time behaviour, system experience and the system design. In this case, they represent different areas of system concern that have a potential to impact the package at wider layers and operation tiers. For the Headspace system, the following characteristics will be necessary: Application availability this attribute represents the duration of time that the system is available to the user offering the different functionalities and operations. While its an abstract factor, its measurement is done using percentages of the overall downtimes at a given period of time. Interoperability this represents the ability of an application to perform different functionalities including communicating with other external systems for the successful interchange of operations with external entities. Now, this will be a crucial factor to the Headspace project which will interact with a cloud resource. Scalability on an account of the patients stories, the systems infrastructure, particularly, the storage will require an adjustable infrastructure that will regularly meet the needs of the institution. Moreover, the system must be able to handle the rapid changes in the overall functional load. Supportability finally, to improve the reliability and usability of the system, the application will require to poses some troubleshooting elements that will be used to resolve operational issues. The same elements will be crucial in resolving security problems (Microsoft, 2017). System interface Software packages constitute a wide variety of functionalities that are usually represented as various inputs and outputs. In each component, an input will stem from another elements output, an outcome that will constitute different operational subsections. Moreover, for a cross-platform system such as the Headspace system, a variety of information from different elements will be used. In essence, the collection of these inputs and outputs will define the systems interface where definite boundaries are given(Salustri, 2015). These boundaries require the following attributes (requirements): High response time consider the feedback that the system gives to the users, it must be within a reasonable time to avoid performance frustrations. Moreover, the same response must be desirable as per the users needs. This requirement will ensure a seamless interaction of the various components of the application. Concurrency secondly, the systems elements, for instance, the database instance (cloud) and analyser should interact seamlessly with minimal conflicts. Again, this attribute will promote the usability of the system having developed a favourable performance(Chung, Nixon, Yu). User interface (UI) requirements Similar to the other interfaces, the UI represents the boundary between the system itself and the end user. Now, unlike the system interface that may require a technical background to analyze, the UI will be frequently judged by the user based on their levels of satisfaction(Clark Petrini, 2011). Therefore, the UI must possess the following attributes. Familiarity and simplicity the users ability to interact with the system will depend on the design of the interface which should be familiar to the functionalities and environment of the system. In this case, the application elements such as icons and buttons should be easily located. Clarity perhaps the most significant attribute of the UI, where the user must figure out the general proceedings of the system with ease. In all, the end users should not be frustrated while using the application. Finally, responsive again, the UI requires a fast response to users requests by having minimal lag instances(Usabilitypost, 2017). There are factors or attributes of a system that will restrict the overall freedom of the system by limiting its different functionalities. These factors will represent the systems constraints as they will deter of the application functionalities. Furthermore, unlike the other non-functional requirements, they are global in nature as they will affect all development processes of the system(Ambler, 2014). In this case, the project may face the following constraints: Deployment environment a cloud resource is proposed and although it represents a favourable operation environment, it defines a new operational paradigm that will limit various functionalities. Economic constraints resources such as time and budget will restrict the development process which will affect some system functionalities(Ebert, 2011). A review of the cloud-based solutions Most information systems have always been implemented on on-premise equipment owing to the conveniences of physically accessed infrastructures i.e. security and improved data management. However, the recent growth of cloud solutions has started to shift this outcome as organizations try to increase the availability of their facilities. In essence, cloud solutions, unlike on-premise equipment, will require fewer resources from the systems owners as they are leased from service providers(HA Guled). Furthermore, the users will have minimal cost expenditures as they will have minimal back-end functionalities i.e. support and management. However, at the same time, these resources will often represent a security risk owing to the operating environment. In all, the Headspace project is likely to have the following strengths and weaknesses after incorporating cloud services into its system. Benefits of cloud solutions Minimal capital cost with cloud solutions, a variety of computational resources can be accessed and used to offer a wide range of services. These resources are not implemented by the end user but by the service provider. Moreover, the end user can scale the capacity of these resources based on the immediate demands while only paying for the relevant services and durations. Usability and availability cloud facilities especially storage enable the users to adequately store data in a variety of locations. The same experience is given by the overall infrastructure which is accessible from any location and at any given time. Disaster recovery another considerable benefit that is usually facilitated by the service providers resources which are often in different locations. Therefore, in case of a failure in one location, a backup in a different service centre takes over the roles. This outcome is different in on-premise systems as they are localized in specific locations(Fesak, 2012). Drawbacks/weaknesses Environmental security limitation the general concentration of resources in a single online platform represents a serious security threat. Moreover, because of their size and functional significance, they are often the target of attacks as they offer a wide range of resources to intruders. Data security While cloud facilities may offer adequate storage facilities to host data, their utilization will require the user to transfer a considerable amount of their control to service providers. This control allows service providers to be able to access and manage confidential information which affects the security of the data involved. Record retention limitations - another significant drawback of cloud solutions that are caused by its inability to retain extensive records owing to its operational structure. In most cases, cloud facilities will continuously erase old archives in an attempt to conserve storage space. This outcome limits the users in case they require old information(Romes, 2013). Software development life cycle (SDLC) There are various methods that are used to design and develop software systems. These methods define the models of SDLC where a variety of systemic operations are logically executed. Now, while the definition and operations of SDLC may seem obvious to the end users, their existence is as result of the complexity of developing information systems. In essence, a wide range of factors and considerations are determined before implementing systems which necessitates the need for eloquent development structures to implement software packages. Furthermore, various systems will have different requirements and functionalities and thus will require different development procedures(ISTQB, 2017). In all, SDLC will represent the procedures of developing and deploying software solutions to end users where a wide variety of requirements are given. In this project, two general SDLC approaches are considered and are outlined below. Predictive SDLC This approach follows a conventional structure of system development which has a predictable procedure that encompasses all the system requirements. In all, a consistent a structure defines the approach where various implementation phases are executed sequentially with minimal system variations. Now, to meet this operational requirement, the predictive approach will assume all the systems requirements including the end users functionalities. Furthermore, it will outline a logical and sequential procedure for developing the system(CIOCouncil, 2012). However, its most notable feature will be its inability to respond to changes where every new and subsequent requirement after the start of the development process will require a complete restart of the design process. A good example of this approach is the waterfall design model which uses a sequential pattern to execute projects. In the model, the developers will execute a development phase independently without overlapping the sequential plan. Advantages of the method The method is easy to understand because of its simple structure that is defined before the start of the implementation process. Moreover, it requires constant documentation of the processes involved which further simplifies the process. Secondly, its predictability requirements enable the users and developers to determine the implementation timelines before the process start. The approach also uses minimal resources because of its conventional structure that defines all the systems requirements(Balaji, 2012). Disadvantages Because of it sequential structure, the development process will require the completion of each subsequent phase before proceeding to the next. This requirement demands a lot of time, an outcome that limits its application in time-sensitive systems. Moreover, the same execution requirement causes the approach to produce poorly structured systems because developers will rush the development phases so as to meet the set deadlines. Finally, the approach does not accommodate any changes during the development process, an outcome that affects its overall functionalities(Balaji, 2012). Adaptive SDLC approach A modern approach to system development as it follows an agile and adaptable procedure to system implementation. Now, unlike the predictive approach that predicts and assumes all the requirements of the application, the adaptive method will define a versatile model that will provide room for system variations. Therefore, any changes during the development process will be accommodated in the final design of the solution. Furthermore, the method will also focus on the users requirement, a design attribute that will increase its satisfaction levels(Devi, 2013).. Nevertheless, the method starts like any other SDLC approach where all the system requirements are defined including the user preferences and functionalities. From this general step, the method will then segment the development process into various phases which will have different design functionalities. Now, these phases are then executed simultaneously having established their unique requirements. This implementation process will result in multiple sub-systems which are then combined to form the final solutions using iterative techniques. Advantages of the method The adaptive method is extremely flexible owing to its ability to accommodate any design requirements. Secondly, its user-centered design process facilitates the development of efficient systems that are able to meet the end users requirements. This approach also increases the users satisfaction levels as their requirements are usually guaranteed. It is also time efficient because all the design phases are executed concurrently based on their individual requirements. Disadvantages Because of the specialization exhibited by the development phases, the method requires a lot of resources. In addition this, the method also makes it difficult to predict the development timelines as it has to accommodate all the changes given by the end users(Balaji, 2012). Recommendation Although the predictive approach represents a simple structure of implementing systems, its extensive limitations affect its overall suitability. For one, it will require the developers to assume all the requirements and preferences of users based on their initial assessments. Therefore, unlike the adaptive method, it will focus on the functional requirements of the system i.e. the tools and capabilities, an outcome that does not guarantee the users satisfaction. Secondly, its deployment structure will not accommodate changes, a limitation that will affect its application in modern applications that require agile infrastructures(CIOCouncil, 2012). On the other hand, its counterpart, the adaptive method will meet all the users requirements because it will outline an agile and flexible implementation structure. Moreover, the adaptive approach will follow a user-centred procedure that will guarantee the users satisfaction. In all, the adaptive approach will ensure that all the requireme nts of the Headspace project are met, which makes it the method of choice. Conclusion This report has highlighted the benefits of cloud-based solutions which in general increases the availability and accessibility of IT resources. This technology also minimizes the overall cost of deploying solutions as the end user leases most of the resources needed. Now, the Headspace project requires these benefits in order to improve its service delivery systems which at the moment are backlogged with a lot of data. Furthermore, with the system, the organization will be able to improve the treatments that are given to its mental patients as they require a complete review of users personal experiences i.e. stories. Therefore, with the integration of cloud solutions, the Headspace system will meet the overall requirements of the institution of increasing its service delivery systems References Ambler, S. (2014). Constraints: An Agile Introduction. Agile modeling, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Balaji, S. (2012). WATEERFALLVs V-MODEL Vs AGILE: A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON SDLC. International Journal of Information Technology and Business Management, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Bisong, A., Rahman, M. (2011). AN OVERVIEW OF THE SECURITY CONCERNS IN ENTERPRISE CLOUD COMPUTING. International Journal of Network Security Its Applications (IJNSA), Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Chung, L., Nixon, B., Yu, E. (n.d.). USING QUALITY REQUIREMENTS TO SYSTEMATICALLY DEVELOP QUALITY SOFTWARE. Fourth International Conference on Software Quality, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: tp:// Chung, L., Yu, E., Mylopoulos, J. (2017). Non-Functional Requirements in Software Engineering. Kluwer Academic Publishing, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: CIOCouncil. (2012). Software Development Life Cycle. CIO, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Clark, K., Petrini, B. (2011). Capturing integration complexity for BPM and SOA solutions. Capturing and analyzing interface characteristics, Part 1, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Devi, V. (2013). Traditional and Agile Methods: An Interpretation. Scrum Alliance, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Ebert, C. (2011). Dealing with nonfunctional requirements in large software systems. Annals of Software Engineering, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Fesak, A. (2012). Benefits and Drawbacks of Cloud-Based versus Traditional ERP Systems. Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: HA, A., Guled, A. (n.d.). Cloud Computing and Healthcare Services. Journal of Biosensors Bioelectronics, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: ISTQB. (2017). What are the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) phases? Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Microsoft. (2017). Chapter 16: Quality Attributes. Design fundamentals, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Pattnaik, S. (2017). Transitioning to Cloud-based Solutions Within the Clinical Research Industry. Information and automation, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Romes, R. (2013). The Benefits and Risks of Cloud Computing. CLA, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Salustri, F. (2015). What is a system interface? System Interface, Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from: Usabilitypost. (2017). 8 Characteristics Of Successful User Interfaces. Retrieved 04 October, 2017, from:

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What Are DVD Storage Racks?

What Are DVD Storage Racks?English persuasive essay topics must be the last consideration of the student. Many students are not able to cope with these issues since they are too frustrated by them.There are many ways of developing your English writing skills. One is by using the Internet for research and also a lot of the texts on the Internet are easy for an English graduate to use as their topic. However, this is not always the case. There are some issues you need to check on to make sure that you have found an easy essay topic.A good idea is to research on your grades. Check your grades in school and also through a college or university.There are times when college essay is designed by the College Advisor to help you. However, you can still ask for your High School Advisor or your high school classmates for their opinion on the topic of your essay.You can also find out if you have taken the required subjects in English to give you the necessary background on objective facts. There are plenty of good sources available online to help you with your research. This will give you the information you need to start writing your essay.When your topic is based on objective facts, you have to make sure that you will be able to integrate your opinion, theory and experiences in your topic. Your article should look impressive and worth reading by the judges.A really easy way to do this is to start by checking on your high school English essays and then check on your college English essays. Then, check the works on the Internet for persuasive essay topics. Make sure you do this step first and then move on to the other steps.Essay Topics That Will Be Easy For You<|startoftext|> PARACOUNT 5 SENTCOUNT dvd storage racks ENDPARAMDVD storage racks are a great way to organize your DVD collection. It is very convenient to have organized DVD storage and find any disc you like when you want to watch it.It doesn't matter what size or color you own, there are plenty of shelves that can be purchased for your DVD collection. You can display movies, TV shows, documentaries, music albums, video games, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, and much more. It is so convenient to have a large shelf where you can put all your favorite DVDs and have it be organized and you don't have to worry about where to put it when you need it.This is the best method for organizing your DVD collection because you have the option of buying shelves in various sizes. It is so convenient because the shelves are made to give each and every disc in its place and feel. DVD storage racks are generally used to display the DVDs on the wall.These DVD storage racks are easily found on online stores. They come in different shapes and sizes, but the main factor is that they are inexpensive and the capacity is large enough to store all your DVDs. There are also shelves which have shelves attached to them. The shelves have hinges that enable you to pull out from either side. There are so many choices on these shelves as well so make sure you look at all the different options before you buy your DVD storage rack.These DVD racks also come in other materials and are of different colors as well. Some come in white and some in black. Choose the ones that will match your room and your color scheme.

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Esl Argumentative Essay Topics Can Be Fun for Everyone

Esl Argumentative Essay Topics Can Be Fun for Everyone There are various levels and kinds of cheating. Simply type example of an argumentative essay and you'll discover different types of samples. The role of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. Remind the students there are lots of varieties of evidence. Most Noticeable Esl Argumentative Essay Topics When it has to do with writing an argumentative essay, the most crucial issue to do is to select a topic and an argument that you could really get behind. When you are requested to pick a great topic for your argument, start with something you're familiarized with. In the procedure for selecting a topic, you also need to test your argument. You're able to restate your argument, which is quite a common practice amongst essayists. The Tried and True Method for Esl Argumentative Essay Topics in Step by Step Detail Remember that you may make funny argumenta tive essays if you do a few things. You cannot do both, as it's going to be too confusing for your readers. One of the greatest approaches to change anybody's mind is with an emotional investment. It will also aid you not to use the outdated topics or the ones which were re-written thousands of times So in case you lack creativity or time, do not only sill copy the information present on the internet, the topics which were funny for someone many years ago but will be trying that you reveal. There are 3 basic kinds of essays,, and When given a choice, individuals typically do not pick the argumentative essay. In this kind of situation, it's more convenient to locate ready-made essays and use them as an example. There are several steps which you should take to be able to write an outstanding essay. When you're writing this essay, your principal focus is going to be to give the reader vast info about the subject under discussion. Without these 3 standard components, your essay is going to be considered incomplete. To discover argumentative essay topics easy on various platforms, you want to comprehend about the argumentative essay. Argumentative essays are a few of the best that you can write as a student. Do not neglect to polish your essay. Key Pieces of Esl Argumentative Essay Topics At times, utilizing the exact same topics over and over again makes students bored and not able to find inspiration to compose essays. In the majority of instances, your lecturers may select the topic for you already. When you have topics to pick from, it is essential that you choose one which you can write about comfortably. The topics must have two sides and they need to be quite intriguing. If you do, you may now write on topics which are going to be humorous to them. Relevant Topics that are related to your society will engage the reader in the most effective possible method. Each point needs to be accompanied by strong evidence. You're going to need to select a topic first, but your topic needs to be something that has two conflicting points or unique conclusions. The topic that you select will earn a significant difference regarding how well you right the paper mostly since if you select a topic that it is easy to think of a solid principal point for and solid parts of evidence to demonstrate that point, you're half way there. Do a little reading on either side of the argument, and list the points for either side. Esl Argumentative Essay Topics People in demand of case study resea rch should rush to appreciate our assistance. Discussion Essay Tips Some folks believe environmental problems should be solved on a worldwide scale even though others believe it is preferable to address them nationally. All these topics can bring out the very best in the students since they mature into responsible adults and donate to the welfare of the country. Deciding upon an emotional topic is also a great idea. The more research you can do in order to secure better at your upcoming profession, the better. To compose a strong argumentative essay, students should start by familiarizing themselves with a number of the common, and frequently conflicting, positions on the research topic so they can write an educated paper. They often find that most of their work on these essays is done before they even start writing. Due to the previous angle, lots of people get into lots of difficulties writing essays on funny argumentative essay topics. Many topics for college needs can use humor as the very best weapon to create a slice of paper that would eventually draw more students to the writing, though they do not enjoy the ideas of writing. Some writings are just not meant to be funny whatsoever, but a fantastic student with superior writing skills can create the funny and yet informative and highly-argumentative story on a specific topic. If you're able to create a good essay, you're really grasping the principal concepts. Bear in mind an argumentative essay is based more on facts instead of emotion. An argumentative paper is part of the persuasion. Understanding how to compose a strong argumentative paper can help you advance your very own argumentative thinking.

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Tips on Biology Essay Samples

Tips on Biology Essay SamplesBiology essays samples are well-suited for people who like to write and people who want to learn about the subject. If you are interested in writing a school assignment or an essay on a particular topic, then it would be best to have some Biology essay samples handy. There are different types of Biology essay samples and you can choose which type suits your needs. What you need to do is take a look at a few sample essays that you can find and compare them with the composition you're writing.There are several online essay sources where you can check out samples. The first step is to look up the different sections. Some examples of samples would be Biology essays samples that contain a data table, pictures, maps, graphs, and even videos. Other samples can include a poem or some words from a real life scenario. It would be best to compare these samples with the composition you're currently working on.Also look for samples in which the sample is not the entir e essay. Some online sources also have sample that will be assembled in a whole essay. You may also have to provide a small sample to obtain more detailed works. These samples are very useful because they're often free. It is great to have an advance idea on what sample you'll be writing and how you will format it.Most of the samples have some style guides. Look into these guides if you want to style your sample accordingly. Remember, your sample should be similar to your article or thesis. By reading about the guides, you can get to know which style guides are suggested.When it comes to sample, try and choose one that is good in terms of style, but also in terms of content. Some of the samples could contain historical figures or a historical argument about some scientific principle. Still others could be written in a layman'svoice. Therefore, the sample has to come from someone who is in the same field as you.Take time in choosing a sample because it will be the basis for your essa y. Since there are so many samples available, you may have to read more than one to get an idea of the quality of the sample. Therefore, try and find out more about samples that the various sites to give.Find out more about sample by reading about samples that different sites give. This will help you choose the right sample for your own composition. Reading a few samples will make your essay come out well, therefore it is important to know how to select samples correctly.